On First District Representation


Some of you may not remember when we had a representative in Congress who actually cared about Yoopers. Men from either party who, once in Washington, never forgot whom they represented. Men of the caliber of Stupak, Ruppe, and others who shared our concerns as they shared our unique part of the state. Whether or not one agreed with them, one never doubted that they always wanted what was best for this legislative district.

Alas, no more. Now, it seems, we have a man who dreams of his retirement home in Louisiana while blindly following the party line. Remember when he came to the Soo for a photo op while talking about the need to upgrade the Locks? And, oh yes, we really needed to expand broadband. Then he voted against the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. He railed against inflation, then voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. He sent us a letter urging everyone to vote, then joined the Texas suit to throw out Michigan’s votes, all in the service of the Big Lie. He makes much of his own military service and his concern for veterans, then he voted against the PACT Act to assist veterans who’d been poisoned by the burn pits. Seriously, General? Even that?

Agree or disagree, we’ve had several years of “Representative” Bergman with noticeably little to show for it. I just think the First District deserves better.

Lola Johnson



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