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Editors Note: This letter was originally published in the Friday, Aug. 12 edition of the Daily Press. The name of the letter writer was inadvertently excluded in the online version of the Daily Press. The letter was not sent by any government entity or official in Ford River Township. The letter is reprinted here with the letter writer’s name — Monica Peach — included.


Today I write to endorse Kelli Van Ginhoven, commissioner candidate for District 4 of Delta County. She is running as an Independent. She believes in the need to be as non-partisan as possible. Her motto is “Not left, not right, just forward!” This statement exemplifies her commitment to listening to all parties in order to represent the people of District 4 in Escanaba. This District makes up Precinct 1 and 3. If you live in this District, please consider voting for her because if you stop her on the street she will care about your concern and will pledge to help out as much as she is able.

Words like collaboration, active listener, creative, team player, caring all come to mind when I consider what makes Kelli worthy of this post. Not everyone is worthy of our trust who currently sit on the commission. Change is needed on the board of commissioners to create forward movement. I want to know that commissioners on the board will perform duties that are within their power and not overreach. I want someone on the board who will seek resolution to issues that worry the populace. Commissioners should be looking forward and not try to maintain the “status quo”, “good ole boys system” or however you want to phrase this.

Kelli is highly active in the community and, in particular, in the downtown area. She is personally invested in the best interest of Escanaba commerce, citizens and activity to attract visitors, which, in turn, will help our economy and citizenry that will move us forward. She created a business from the ground up and thrives today as a business woman with a vested interested in the growth, development and forward movement of the City of Escanaba.

In order to be aware of what happens in the community a board member should be at the meetings. Kelli will attend meetings. Respect and dignity is a priority for her. There is no lashing out and demeaning people if things don’t go her way. She considers how things will impact people. She does not believe in “quid pro quo”.

Kelli lives the truth of being an Independent. She will attempt to answer your questions with integrity. She will discover the answer if she does not know it and get back to you. She will explain her reasoning for her votes. She will consider an entire picture and not just a snippet or portion of a problem/issue.

If you want forward thinking, forward movement, forward collaboration, vote for Kelli Van Ginhoven, District 4, Precincts 1 and 3 of the City of Escanaba. Get out and make a difference. If you plan to be here in the future it’s in your own best interest to support Kelli. Forward movement requires a forward-focused candidate! Vote Kelli Van Ginhoven.

Monica Peach

Ford River Township


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