Televise the meetings


Last evening, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, I attended the County Board of Commissioners meeting in person.

There were constituents in the audience and maybe 12 constituents on Zoom for the meeting. Here are a few of the agenda items:

A conflict of Interest Regarding Solar Ordinance: Commissioner Bob Barron has a conflict of interest as a vested property owner.

A Complaint Against a Public Officer: Commissioner David Moyle filed a complaint against Christine Williams. Commissioner John Malnar and Chairman Patrick Johnson chalked the ethics hearing up… as a learning experience. “Fox guarding the hen house.”

Assignment to UPCAP: Commissioner Bob Barron was removed as liaison to the UPCAP board and Chairman Johnson preceded to read an email response from Jonathan Mead (UPCAP) regarding the reason Commissioner Barron was removed. How often does this happen?

Administrator Evaluation: Emily DeSalvo requested her evaluation be public.

General Public Comment: This is where I got up and spoke. I introduced myself and asked Chairman Patrick Johnson how many constituents were on Zoom? He looked at me…didn’t answerer…I said maybe twelve? I stated that the county commissioners board meetings should be televised like the Escanaba City Council meetings and they need to find money in the budget to fund this…so we the taxpayers can evaluate them.

At the end of the meeting Chairman Patrick Johnson address my comment…as an “angry woman” and they would look into the possibility of having the county meetings televised.

Well, I was angry… yes, “angry woman” having to listen to about two and a half hours of unbecoming behavior from some of the Delta County Board of Commissioners. Sitting, listening, and watching Chairman Johnson explain that the ethics hearing was chalked up to a learning experience and Commissioner Bob Barron removed as a liaison to the UPCAP board and Chairman Johnson having to admonish Commissioner David Moyle, again, to put down his phone.

Televise the meetings!

“Angry Woman”

Ann Fix



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