Support for Ukraine


How wonderful that in America we can feel so opposite of one another, yet be united under one flag!

I was thrilled to see the initiative of people to hang the colors of Ukraine. I have felt aligned with the Ukrainians since this war started. My alliance comes with feelings of justice and a desire for all humanity to be at peace.

Please note that Ukrainian flags were not put on poles or streetlights. The definition of a flag is: a piece of CLOTH which can be attached to a pole and which is used as a sign, or symbol of something, especially a county. These were plastic wraps that are a reminder of our neighbors in need. Indeed, the US flag should stand tall. I know when I travel down Lake Shore Drive and see the flags displayed, I feel very patriotic.

It was said that putting them up was an atrocity. Perhaps what happened this weekend in Buffalo, N.Y. would be defined as an atrocity. Definitely not some colors of a country’s flag!

The city of Escanaba did not pay for any of the materials used in the displays. This venture was orchestrated by private citizens who felt a call to embrace the people of Ukraine.

We have become a global community. Our neighbors are no longer defined by proximity. We can identify with people crowded in train stations, families separated from loved ones, even strollers waiting for babies. We see apartment buildings bombed and falling apart- people leaving with only the clothes on their backs.

We welcomed the restaurant in Powers that made the Ukrainian dinners, the Ethnic Fest at St Joseph/StPatrick’s Church, and money raised by Holy Name students. Privately, I’m sure many have sent donations to organizations helping Ukraine.

And yet some citizens smugly drive around in our peaceful city criticizing the color of yellow and blue.

Governor Spencer Cox of Utah made this statement, “We argue and fight about so much stupid stuff. Stuff that melts away when we see children sobbing as their dad say goodbye. Stuff that doesn’t matter when we see a young couple getting married so they can die together on the battlefield. I had no idea that it would take us all becoming Ukrainians to remind us what it means to be Americans.”

Please count you blessings!

Pamela Mileski



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