Painful process?


This morning I was watching, Senator Durbin (D) on TV speaking about gun legislation. He stated that gun legislation is a ” Painful process.” What the hell?

What’s a “Painful process?”

Painful: Ten year old children and teachers are dead… they were barricaded inside of their classroom with a shooter who had an assault weapon. These children and teachers couldn’t hide…they were slaughtered, gunned down.

Painful: While the family members of these children and teachers are preparing to make funeral arrangements, Senator Durbin and all the other Senators and Representatives are going home for Memorial Day recess…shame on them.

Painful: Some of these Senators that are heading home for Memorial Day Recess were barricaded in the Senator Chamber on January 6th…scared for their lives… hiding behind desks, on the floor hiding, hiding under chairs, putting on their gas masks, and all this time they had security protecting them…no shooter in the Chamber gunning them down with an assault weapon. And gun legislation is a “Painful Process,” according to Senator Durbin. All of you survived in the US Congress… not so… for all those children and teachers in their classroom.

Painful: is the way we view “mental illness and evil.”

“Mental illness and evil,” is running rapid in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for not passing gun legislation, taking NRA dollars and going home for Memorial Day Recess.

Ann Fix



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