I am responding to the article on page 1 of Tuesday, Dec. 4 Daily Press. Carla K. Johnson writes, “The nation’s COVID -19 death toll stands at 800,000. A year ago, it was 300,000. An untold number of lives, perhaps tens of thousands have been saved by vaccination.” What was this “untold number” that was saved? 500,000 more lives were lost after the vaccines. That is more than twice as many. Actually 2 and 2/3 more. Farther done, somebody who is supposed to be smarter than most calls it an astounding achievement. If we had left everything alone, one could argue that instead of half a million dead it would have or could have been that another 200,000 would still be alive. You can manipulate numbers to make them fit your narrative. So now we are to believe that most of the dead were unvaccinated. 500,000. Last year all 300,000 were unvaccinated. Further down: Their effectiveness, meaning the covid shot, has held up for the most part. It’s that “most part” and the “untold number” statements that scare me. The covid shot, for the most part is safe. Tell that to the dozen people, including a 14-year-old boy who died shortly after getting the shot. Their answer is that those people had underlying conditions. Most of the 800,000 that are listed as covid deaths had underlying conditions, like 87 years old, 101 years old, 75 years old with terminal cancer, heart attack, diabetes, overweight, etc. The CDC made it clear last summer when they said that only about 6% died from covid. The rest died with covid. There is a very substantial difference there. With covid and because of covid. A 101 year old is on her death bed. She passes away and a covid test is done. She tests positive for covid. What killed her?

But the general public continues to just hear the headlines from the media that loves the idea of panic. If it bleeds, it leads. Otherwise, they have no other story except Trump is bad, Trump is evil. Yesterday, one news outlet reported the Omicron variant had been found in a patient in the U.S. The newsperson was almost giddy reporting it. Oh goody! We have more news!

Big employers are backing off the covid vaccine mandates. Two federal courts have ruled that the Biden covid vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, yet half the country hasn’t got that info. Where are those stories Daily Press? Instead, we get Carla K. Johnson writing about how good the covid vaccine is. But in the real world, they are now talking about another booster. I understand that there are at least two sides to a story, but half your readership believes different than you, Mr. Editor.

Tom Grant



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