Fortunate to have hospital


My husband and I attended a funeral in Escanaba recently. A woman in the pew in front of us passed out during the service. My husband, a physician, attended to her and called the ambulance to take her to St. Francis Hospital for evaluation. Thank goodness, she revived on her own and is going to be fine, but she certainly needed further evaluation. This is just one small example of why our community needs OSF St. Francis Hospital. What if we did not have a local hospital in Escanaba? She would have had to travel to Marquette or Green Bay, costing hundreds of dollars more, not to mention the time and risk of serious complications due to the delay in care. The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis could have pulled out of Escanaba years ago. But after 137 years of service, they remain committed to the care of the sick in our community. Thank God for that, and thank you to all of the dedicated physicians, nurses and healthcare workers who have gone beyond the call of duty during this very difficult time.

Valerie Hickner



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