Solutions not accusations


Mr. Olson’s claims against Mr. Robert Reich are yet another example of GOP hysteria. The Democratic Party already has fought for regulations against big businesses for a reason. If left unchecked we have seen what these companies will do, unsafe work conditions, unchecked pollution, intimidating peaceful strikes with violence. I get a kick of the black lives matter movement being attacked by the GOP. There completely fine with the thousands of rabid Trump followers most of whom were white who defied the White House and threatened to hang our congressmen and women and even with their own vice president. The black lives matter protesters were for the most part peaceful some looting some buildings being burned but considering the scope of the movement it was done peacefully. All along the way there were attacked by the white hate groups, no cops died during this movement unlike what happened at the White House when one cop had his head crushed by a manic crowd.

As for Mr. Olson’s mask comment, just look at other countries who have worn masks for years before this pandemic because they had been threatened with other viruses. They listened to their educators and medical professionals instead of crackpots on the radio and YouTube who lie for profit and fame. Mr. Olson is transgender kids in sports really over taking our a high school sports or is that just another hysterical reaction to a very small percentage of kids. This is the GOP all fired up as Mr. Olson states, ready to lash out instead of calmly addressing a problem. The GOP are angry about climate change, the pandemic, Trump losing the election, the southern border where people are fleeing for their lives because of failed U.S. policy and far too many other things to mention in this letter. This anger has to stop, it does nothing but promote violence.

We need leaders to come up with solutions not accusations, we need government to work for the people not fossil fuel companies. We need compassion for the poor and needy, not hate and despise. Hope and a new dream is what the Democrats and President Biden are trying to do for the American everyone included not just huge corporations I see a bright future for America where everyone has meaningful employment where we do not have to worry about paying our bills even though working two or three jobs hope for a future where hate isn’t a trump card. Ask for Mr. Robert Reich donating some of his wealth, why not asking that question to Trump and his wealthy corporations who have made billions not millions and have paid no taxes in the last 20 years. Come on Mr. Olson, stop listening to the hate.

Robert Miller



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