Rights of the individual


Liberty can be defined as where the rights of the individual supersede the rights of a majority. Liberty is different than Democracy. God given rights are just that. They are rights endowed by their creator and cannot be subject to the impulsive changing, will of man.

Our puritan forefathers and successive generations of immigrants like myself understand this. We fled countries where the majority flexed its muscles in matters of religion, ethnicity, health etc etc. America, instead, enshrined rules to stop regulations or outlawing matters that didn’t directly pertain to government obligations of running the military , post office, and other aspects constitutionally assigned to government.

Those who are unvaccinated love their children and also have the natural instinct of self-preservation and want to live.

The people are not scared. When mandates go away, almost none of us wear masks. The U.P. State Fair was the busiest ever in history, for example.

This is why the mandates, such as vaccine mandates, passed either by my governor or president have never been subject to vote by any body of the people’s representatives.

Some, including our governor, have unilaterally, unconstitutionally, changed our method of voting by emergency edict in order to shield themselves from the political backlash. (implementing universal mail in voting, for example). Again, bypassing the people’s representatives in their elected bodies of government.

If there wasn’t so much media and political coverage of this, one of many minor viruses, would many even know it exists? It is real but its not extremely out of the norm from the routine cycle of ebbs and flows of appearing viruses. The cycle of life with its births and also its deaths — whether from a virus, illness or natural causes will always be here. Our freedom may be gone forever.

David Micola



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