Call to Stabenow


I called our Congressional representatives, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, on September 20th. Left a message and did not receive a call-back. I called Stabenow’s local office in Marquette yesterday. Someone answered, which shocked me. I explained I wanted to talk to someone on some issues I was concerned about, such as illegal southern boarder crossings, infrastructure bill, debt ceiling, monitoring banking information, COVID vaccine mandates, and other issues. I asked how she felt about these issues, and how she was going to vote. The man who answered was rude from the very beginning. He said he didn’t know how she felt about these issues or how she was going to vote. Sorry, I felt that her local representatives should be able to answer these questions. He said she could send me a letter. I explained any correspondence I had gotten from her in the past was always a form letter. I wanted to talk to someone who knew what was going on. I asked for his name. He hung up on me. Unacceptable. Stabenow’s office numbers are local 906-228-8756, DC 202-224-4822. Gary Peters hasn’t called me back. When election time comes up again, remember this.

Sue Alexander

Rapid River


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