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I have not written a letter-to-the-editor in a number of years, but I felt that I needed to comment about the misleading September 28th article on the popular vote ballot drive that the Democratic Party is pushing under the guise of Saul Anuzis and Mark Brewer’s rosy rendition of how good it will be for Michigan. Our Founding Fathers, who were much smarter than either Mr. Anuzis and Mr. Brewer chose the electoral college to protect the voting rights of the smaller states. That was one of the main obstacles to having all thirteen colonies ratify” The Constitution of the United States”. We are a” republic”, not a democracy, where the rights of the minority are protected from unbridled rule of the majority. Saul should have also mentioned that he is a paid lobbyist for this group and I assume Mark Brewer is likewise. As for candidates campaigning in Michigan, how many times did Trump come to our state during both election cycles. Hillary Clinton never came in 2015 and it cost her the presidency. This ballot drive is being pushed by members of the progressive Democratic Party and I would be interested in seeing a list of the donors, probably such honest citizens as George Soros and other radical, progressive entities. Ratifying his petition drive would give states with large populations like California and New York huge control of the election outcomes, and that would not be beneficial to Michigan or most Mid-Western states. A handful of large, liberal states would essentially control who is chosen as our President. This is not what the Founders envisioned. Please, do not sign this petition.

Paul Neumeier



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