COVID hypocrisy?


This weekend (July 30-Aug 1), the Delta Animal Shelter hosted a canine athletic event at the Delta County Fairgrounds. The Shelter has hosted this same event for approximately eight years. In past years, contestants came from as far as Texas, all of the Midwest, and Canada. This year, at the northern border, the Biden-Obama Administration would not allow Canadians to come to the USA.

But, at the southern border, the Biden-Obama Administration has invited more than a million illegal immigrants into the country. And these are only the ones that ICE caught and counted. There are probably another million more not counted. Very few of these persons have been deported, because Biden issued an executive moratorium preventing deportation within a day or two after his inauguration.

Most of these illegal immigrants have not been tested for COVID, but random tests have found about 10 percent of them to be COVID positive. The Administration does not treat or quarantine these people. Instead, the Administration puts them on busses or airplanes to send them all over the country.

This is the same Administration that is contemplating another round shut-downs and mask-mandates for citizens, while ignoring COVID-infected illegal aliens. Is this hypocrisy?

Ralph B Blasier



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