Don’t cancel me


I’m going to challenge a lot of you. In the last election, most of the U.P. voter for President Trump. That means if you are reading this, you are wondering what has happened. There are a lot of reasons but that is another letter. I want to focus on two words; stand up. A whole lot of conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters get scared. Afraid that if they say what they truly believe, that people will make fun of them. People will ridicule them. People will “cancel them” ! In today’s culture, statues come down, words get changed, companies get boycotted, 164 different genders, classic movies and books need to be censored so one person doesn’t get offended. It needs to stop! And we can do it.

Being in the U.P., we are not as affected as other places, but it is here, and if we let it, it will grow. Stand up. Say no to the groups that want to change everyone. All of the major media outlets, except Fox and Newsmax, don’t even give the news anymore. Unless its “Trump bad”, they don’t investigate anything. We need to demand that our voices are heard. Don’t worry that someone is going to laugh at you. They probably feel the same way. Let’s quit hiding from the “Woke” media outlets. Put them all together, they don’t match Fox’s ratings. Quit worrying about the cancel culture. We still have free speech and a lot of guns in the U.P.

Tom Grant



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