CRT, Wokeness and too much PC


C.R.T., Critical Race Theory, is a recent philosophic approach to race and life heralded by some civil rights protagonists who assert that our American legal system and society are inherently racist due to white skin advantage; white folks are racist. Get this straight now — in contrast, ironically, “to condemn every person of any single skin color is the definition of racism.” It is the current practice of many on the Left to push CRT curriculum into all levels of education, elementary through college, and needless to say, many American school boards and conservative legislators are thankfully not buying in.

“Woke” is defined as being sensitive to social injustices, especially racial matters. Recently, Coca Cola’s executives, (Woke Coke) decided they should determine the placement of minorities on other companies’ Boards of Directors–quotas. In their company seminars, they asked their employees to be “less white”. Imagine the eruption if asked to be “less black”.

Higher education continues its so-called progressive march towards more PC agendas. The new Cal State shark mascot is non-binary and only responds to the pronouns we/they/theirs. Hmmmmm. Academic freedom used to be commonplace for faculties unless it is white, male, Christian or straight. Professors are being furloughed, fired and put on probation for questioning Black Lives Matter or Leftist propaganda. Parents: Be very careful where your children attend college.

My personal PC experience: Way back in the early 1990s, I was an assistant dean at a prestigious Midwestern university responsible for many areas in the Student Services division. I worked diligently and successfully for 4 years. In the last semester of 1992-93, my boss called me in; I thought I was going to be elevated to an associate dean position based on my excellent performance reviews. I had been awarded 3 student-initiated awards that year. I was fired. My boss struggled and stretched for words. He and I knew the issue. On this liberal, liberal arts campus, I was ‘in the way’ of their progressive agenda. Because I was a popular, outgoing, conservative, Christian, pro-life employee who did not represent the PC agenda, I was dangerous. Despite the urge to make a scene, I chose to resign. Way back 30 years, PC nailed me. Who lost? Fortunately, my next move was to a great Western University.

CRT, wokeness and political correctness do not advance our society one bit and are only harmful Americans, let’s not go there.

Mike Olson



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