Wealth gap again


In the April 15th Daily Press Mr. Richard LaCosse writes “No job creator hires people just to be nice”. I agree. He continues, “Job creators hire people for the purpose of making money off their labor” Not so fast. That last line is a slippery way to suggest the idea of wage slavery, a classic socialist ploy meant to induce class jealousy.

Job creators invest in companies that produce goods or services that people want to buy. Income from the sale of these products is divided three ways; overhead, including labor costs and taxes; re-investment in the company, possibly creating more jobs; profit for the job creator. If costs (overhead) increase to the point that there’s no profit, job creators stop creating: everybody loses.

Any free-market system will have a wealth gap. Rich people pay their “fair share” as is. I don’t generally defend or attack billionaires. I just think wise tax policy should encourage job creators to stay in America rather than take their job creating activities to some other country. Calls to raise taxes on the very rich and their companies is emotional cotton candy that will not close the wealth gap.

Messrs. Green and LaCosse never say what they think our under-funded government should do with any increased tax revenue. I wonder how they felt about our government using tax dollars provided by “revenue creators” to bail out GM and Chrysler in 2009.

Kenneth LaMarche



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