Vaccine distribution


There seems to be something missing with the distribution of the COVID vaccines. This not about whether or not you are going to get vaccinated. This is about the ability to put needles into arms. I wrote a letter some time ago and questioned why the state was waiting as much as 8 days to vaccinate. A few days ago, I heard that there were thousands of vaccines available. The very next statement blew my mind. The state was going to loosen the restrictions and the following week they were going to “allow some teenagers” to get vaccinated.

If you have thousands of doses available, then you should have multiple places giving out vaccines without reservations. Whitmer is concerned about the surge in COVID positive tests. If you were really concerned then start vaccinating everyone who wants one. When I was a kid, our family lined up with all of the other families in town to get a sugar cube with the vaccine on it. I don’t know what it was; smallpox, polio… Nobody questioned anyone about anything. We didn’t get up to the front and turned away because we were too young or too old.

I had to drive to Menominee twice. My friend drove to the hospital two days later, another one got vaccinated at Bay College. We all saw the rollout of these vaccines and it would have worked fine the way President Trump’s team had it set up.

Tom Grant



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