The wealth gap revisited


My recent letter criticizing the wealth disparity that separates billionaires from minimum wage earners has been met with a spirited defense of billionaires who, according to one reader, “worked for and earned” their money. However, in many instances their money was earned by the labor of others often subsidized by public assistance in order to put food on the table. The Walton family became billionaires while paying low wages to Walmart workers.

Another reader asks. “If $15 is enough to lift people out of poverty, why not raise minimum wage high enough to lift everyone into prosperity?” Indeed, why not? Unions have been doing exactly that for decades. Redistribution of wealth is not a new or socialist idea. We already redistribute wealth privately through charity and publicly through tax-supported assistance programs like food stamps. Billionaires will prosper even while being fairly taxed while a realistic minimum wage lifts others out of poverty and eliminates their need of charity or welfare.

Nino E Green



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