Give it away, again


With our first stimulus check last year, I encouraged readers who could afford it, to give away all or part of their money to front line workers, essential workers, neighbors, friends or relatives in need—- directly or anonymously. Did you?

I took some flack as if I was attempting to show off or seek publicity. No such thing. So, with this next stimulus money coming, I ask you to repeat last year’s giving or do it for the first time–to folks and causes who could benefit from your help. There remain so many in need.

And, be a “cheerful” giver. And, a reminder — if you wish to really get a big bang for a buck, get Aldi’s gift cards because they do not sell liquor or tobacco. Or, take the recipient(s) to Walmart, Elmer’s or Meijer, etc. Or, maybe someone could use a hardware or winter or spring gift. And, of course be thankful that you are so blessed to be able to “give it away”. I know of one local woman whose plan this time is to provide gifts to more than 50 people she knows— and I am not on her list, so far.

Mike Olson



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