Delta County Forestland


I have kept somewhat of a record asking anyone that I could, stockers, cashiers, managers “have you gone to the new Park in Cornell” “What park? “ is the usual response. I estimation 99 per cent don’t know that their four year old park is 20 minutes away, “The Delta County Forestland on Truax Road”, according to the Daily Press dated, August 15,2016, is when the property was dedicated. The front page Article on June 7, 2018, it received its name and was transfered to the Parks Department. In the August 15 article, it states that “Delta County Forest will be managed for deer, woodcock, and the golden-winged warbler, among other species. In addition to the wildlife management aspects of the community forest, it includes walking trails, ORV trails and other recreational opportunities (such as hunting, trapping, cross-country skiing, berry and mushroom picking and rustic camping).” According to the Front page of Daily Press dated September 6, 2017 ” This piece of property was over a million dollars….”. ” Within probably 20 years, this property will pay back anywhere from 20 to 30 times what this county put into it”.

Picture those half million dollar homes that will be built along the border, as was told to the Cornell Township Board, when notified the purchase took place. This will replace the taxes lost when the county exempted themselves, Cornell was told.

This is how you get to this potential income stream; take Co. Rd 426 ,to Co. Rd 416, turn west on Truax go down 4 miles to the intersection, you will see the first sign announcing the park, turn right at that intersection go 3 miles. Stay left, the right is for logging trucks. After four years, the park road should be such that vehicles should have no trouble. The officials that bought property, bordering the park property, are in and out steady, performing their duties. And don’t be intimidated by park security because there is a sidearm hanging off their belt, they haven’t been given a badge yet!

Purchased without the taxpayer in mind; during this time of confinement, take the family on a road trip during this warm spell. With the snow disappearing, go hiking, go ORVing on the public property which is open year-round for actives. Come see for yourself what one million dollars worth the pleasure you’ll experience, be sure to express your joy, emotions, and thanksgiving to the county commissioners on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 5:15 p.m. behind the jail in the boardroom of the Delta County Service Center, 2020 College Ave, Escanaba.

Don’t call me, Cornell had nothing to do with this land grab. So when the credit begins to be handed out. Remember, no one in Cornell knew such a public non-public land purchase was in the making.

Joel Frizzell,



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