Confused about issues


Mr. Stossel is confused about his issues. Take Communism and two of its prominent leaders or dictators, Mr. Putin and Mr. Maduro. To quote a line from Animal Farm, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal” One set of rules and laws for the citizens, another for those who control the purses and make the laws. It helps to keep your citzenry uneducated. Mr. Qaudafi found that out when he provided his people with an education. The people wanted to share in making rules, a bigger share of the money.

Capitalism does a better job of distributing the wealth and government is elected by the citizens albeit the choices often don’t leave much to choose from. It encourages invention and entrepreneurship, one of the reasons for our country’s success.

Mr. Stossel does admit that the Scandinavian countries have both Capitalism and Socialism. It upsets him that the government pays the citizen health care. May I remind him that the money for health care is, in effect, the citizens money. The citizens of these countries chose a single health care payer as have other Europeans and Canada proving Capitalism and Socialism are not mutually exclusive.

Mr. Stossel and his ilk, like to make sure those less fortunate than him do not get the benefits he gets. These citizens are the ones who make your computers,who grow your veggies, sew your shirts, make sure your water is safe to drink. These are the people who pay the taxes that runs the government and makes your life comfortable. These are the people who may need health care. If they pay taxes they should have health care paid by with those taxes. What have you made?

Reply to Stossel opinion “Socialism Never Works” Daily Press Feb., 13, 2021

Janet Perkins



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