One angry man


Frequent Press columnist Robert Reich is on his usual rampage, as he has been for four years. His last two columns set out to condemn, convict and excoriate all GOP officials, party members and voters for their support of what occurred on January 6th. He declares that all, including Fox News and all social media giants are responsible, if not legally, morally. A leading Democrat teaching us about morals. Reich finds all of us complicit because we knew “Trump would stop at nothing.” Actually, Robert, 99% of the GOP did not know that. And, 99% of the 50,000 at the rally did not know that. One local decorated vet who was there told me that they had no idea about what did occur.

Do we as Americans trust the major media, the 94% that support the Left’s agenda? Indeed, many folks question the voting processes. Judicial Watch, a DC watchdog group, recently issued a report that 352 counties nationwide had voter registration rates exceeding 100% of eligible voters, many in Michigan. That’s 1.8 million people.

Yes, indeed, there should be be quick prosecution for desecrating the Capitol. (It appears that there are kooks on both sides.) Prosecution should be pursued also for the thousands of BLM and Antifa kooks who burned and rioted in 2020. And, how about digging into Hillary’s emails (Benghazi) and Hunter Biden?

Trump dug his own hole. It was his to win or lose and he blew it himself. His policies had high ratings, his personal issues ever shaky. The January 6th fiasco is not responsibility of the GOP. That’s like blaming Reverend King for BLM’s messes.

Reich goes on to say there is “no more center” in the GOP, that too many now don’t live in a “reality world”. Look who’s talking. He further describes the GOP for its “growing insanity”, you know, for respecting law enforcement, the flag and national pride. He says that the GOP thinks BLM members are all violent, maybe not all warlike, but so disturbing. Readers, if you read BLM’s founding principles you will not support. It is the Left that is calling for revenge, retaliation and widespread censorship.

He writes, “Speaking truth means responding to the world as it is and denouncing the poisonous deceptions of the Right.” So, the Right’s saving babies, old folks and decrying a socialist agenda is deceptive. He closes writing, “There is only a future based on either lies, violence and authoritarianism or on unyielding truth, unshakable civility and radical inclusion” tSo, Robert and the Left have absolute truth. Thus, God’s truth about the value of human life is a lie.

I think Robert’s party shares moral responsibility for encouraging welfare, the nanny state, socialism, rioting, mega illegal border crossings and disgracing law enforcement and ushering in an era of absolute political correctness. Why so angry and glum, chum? Your man won.

Mike Olson



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