Executive orders


I do not understand the concept of executive orders. Both from the President, as well as the governors. We have three branches of government. It was designed that way so that there would be checks and balances, so no branch would have too much power. We have found ourselves in a situation where the executive branches; the presidents and governors, have uni-lateral power. There is no, or very litlle checks or balances now. The executives can issue an executive order to shut down businesses and issue fines for dis-obeying these orders. When I went to school, I learned that the legislative branch wrote the laws. Tell that to those who have been fined for operating; The restaurant/bar in Staten Island, and the Wooden Nickel to name a couple. There was a little pushback from the Michigan Legislature, but only after businesses had been closed for months. Remember, two weeks to flatten the curve? Wisconsin had a little pushback to the governor’s order back in July, I believe. The federal government has seen very little pushback for both Presidents Trump and Biden. Why should one man have the power to shut down the Keystone Pipeline? Stop the border wall that was approved twice by the Legislature? Make the United States less safe by returning us to the Iran Agreement. Iran – the country that vows to blow Israel off the map as they chant “Death to America”. We have gotten back in bed with China with the World Health Organization. It only cost a few hundred million dollars. The Paris Accord which will cost us another few hundred million. These are things that the legislature should be acting on if you following the Constitution. Look at some of Trump’s orders. They were fully scrutinized. His executive orders were fought over by both the Republican-led Senate and the Democrat-led House.

I think its time for those we elected to get a backbone and stand up to President Biden before the country devolves into a late 70’s type period of inflation and unemployment, or a 2008 period where retirement funds disappeared and housing prices fell into the basement.

Bring back the Keystone Pipeline, get rid of our relationships with our enemies; Iran, China, etc., get rid of the Paris Accord, WHO, to start with.

Tom Grant



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