Yelling fire in a crowded theatre


On January 6th, we all witnessed The President Of The United States yell fire to a mob, throwing a match into a dark web of lost souls, only searching for meaning by destruction. Finding identity not on the content of their character, but the level of selfishness and disrespect. And most certainly, only about the color of their own skin, far too often. Anti semites. Confederate flags and symbols of white power, were dragged in front of the sculptures of our founding fathers. We cannot allow this to go unaddressed. There are no reasons for, nor are there comparisons to any other event in our history. And it must never be allowed to happen again. Justice must be served to each of the insurrectionists. Each of them was ordered into action by President Donald J Trump to “take the Capitol”, and the President, most of all, must face the consequences of his actions. We all saw this happen in front of our very eyes. There is no conspiracies to something we all saw together. This laid bare the cold hard truth. What do we stand for?

Donald Trump sealed his historic fate in one day, as a sitting president who incited a mob to violence to attack the US Capitol, full of all of the members of the legislative branch, including the vice president, who were doing their constitutional duty of opening the votes of the already confirmed electoral college vote. It was an attempted, coup. An instigation of a second Civil War. It failed. It will go down in history, as the most treasonous act by a sitting US President, ever. Without comparison.

It is critical to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Donald Trump from office. He has so clearly demonstrated to us all, on live television, with action, not only words, that he does not care about the Constitution. He only cares about himself. He has demonstrated what he is capable of, yet we allow him to walk around with the nuclear codes? To not stand up to this, is to set a precedent. Does it get more treasonous? Benedict Arnold now has an equal.

I call on Rep Jack Berman to call for the immediate removal of Donald Trump from office. Publicly, he must call for his resignation, removal and if necessary, support an impeachment. His own colleagues lives were put at risk. The country he loves and represents has been stained. The people of the Upper Peninsula count on Rep Berman’s ethics, decency and patriotism, will guide him, and all of us in his district, to be on the right side of a history that is writing itself in front of our very eyes.

Trump must be removed from office. Immediately.

Kevin Chown



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