Vaccination appointments


The first thing I’d like to know is exactly how many of the 120,000 calls the health department got actually got an appointment. The next thing is how many of the appointments were made before the phone numbers where made to the general public. I tried for two and a half days to get through. I either got a busy signal, a message that all mail boxes were full and the one time I did get through I got a recording listing all the departments. It would not work. I got another recording about the mailboxes being full and it went back to the listing of departments. The health department knew a vaccine was coming months ago so they had plenty of time to come up with several plans. Why did they think putting two phone numbers in the newspaper would work? The federal government let us down, the state let us down and now the health department did with their plan. At 120,000 Yoopers trying to get a shot it will be late spring or early summer before we get back to any kind of normal life. I tried again (1/11/21) to call and got the message “all mailboxes are full” again. What a disaster. I’d like some sort of explanation as to why things were done this way. It makes no sense.

Donna Thomas

Bark River


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