Solar farm project


In reference to the article “Solar Farm Project Scaled Down,” Wed. Dec 16, 2020, the Daily Press stated 3 times that the meeting was Tues. but was actually Monday, like every month. There were some misleading statements.

It was stated that “the board was hesitant to give their support.”

It’s because there were 3 new board officials being trained in by the previous board. It would be inappropriate in this instance.

Another one was “No one spoke in public comment in opposition.” The reason no public comment was made is because there was a small group attending the Zoom Meeting. Some people don’t have access to zoom. Families have after school activities and other commitments. Some comments are sent in, dropped off and emailed.

How many people actually attend a local Board and Planning Commission meeting every month, after long hard days at work? I seldom could.

However, I attended the telephone conference. I tried to make a comment four times but finally realized that the audio wasn’t coordinated with the zoom meeting. Others couldn’t comment either.

Originally, the solar farm was going to be 1,200 acres in our backyards. When you think of solar farm, you’d think of the one at the airport, which is 12 acres. This was 100 times that one.

It could be expanded other solar companies could build here later on too.

Warren O. Bovin



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