Roe V. Wade anniversary


We remember the tragic 48th anniversary, Jan 22nd of the Roe V. Wade Supreme Courts decision. This ruling is responsible for the senseless death of over 61 million precious unborn babies by abortion in the womb in this country, right up until birth.

Back in 1976, I was asked by Father Arthur Parrotta to attend the Michigan Citizens for Life Convention in Traverse City, Michigan. I told him, “no”, because I was to busy. That night I slept on it and prayed. In the morning I called Father back and said I would go. Mildred Jefferson, M.D. and president of the National Right to Life was the main speaker at the conference. She was a special hero of the pro-life struggle. She stated that a cause like this one, the legal killing of unborn babies in the womb “occurs only once in a century.”

It is truly a crossroads moment in the history of our country, a turning point, a day of decision. History will someday look back on these dark days and ask the inevitable questions, “Did you know? Did you ask to speak up for the life of the unborn? Or did you turn your head pretending to be an innocent by stander?”

And those of us who believe in a Day of Divine Judgement know that these questions will be asked by each of us, also by the Lord of Life who takes as done to himself whatever we do for the least of his children.

That day, I promised to never give up defending the life of the unborn in the womb. Choose life!

Carol Carlson



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