Enough death


January 22nd is a day of infamy from 1973 when abortion was legalized in our country. It was said by proponents that it would be “legal, safe and rare.” Tis legal, but not rare (60 million deaths) and the carrying of a baby to term is statistically safer.

Sadly, this is not just an American tragedy. There were 42 million abortions worldwide in 2019. Jesus weeps.

Despite much popular thought, taking life (old or young) is wrong. It seems amazing that we crusade for animal rights, cancer research, preserving the environment, against birth defects and for racial and ethnic equality (all good things), but we choose to kill babies. Let’s be more consistent.

When my son was a teen he asked my father-in-law what he did when younger to practice safe sex. Gramps pointed to his wedding ring. It seems like the time is now for all of us to take accountability for our sexual behavior, to hold ourselves responsible for our choices. Abortion would not be an option if we abstained until ready to accept the responsibility for children by being careful to end unwanted pregnancies. We realize that waiting for sex requires lots of things: Courage, respect for self and others, obedience, self-control, faith, hard work, sacrifice and delayed gratification (all hard in me-first generations). The acceptance of a moral code that is old but practical and very self-enhancing is available. It’s not easy but simple. Such results is no diseases, less fears, wanted children and tons of self-respect. It’s a stand for life — for you and your future offspring.

Aren’t you glad that your parents did not abort you? The strongest case of pro-life is you — that you are alive. Let’s give that gift of life to all.

Mike Olson



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