Bow the knee


As we passed through 2020 I almost asked my mother if that offer to ‘“slap me into next year” was still on the table. But, I like many, did more than survive in this past year. In fact, the negatives did not get me too down and I was fortunate. We didn’t have all the answers of course, but God did not vacate the throne. I like the following words.:

“There are moments on our journey following the Lord when God illumines every step we take (go here, go there). There are time when circumstances make perfect sense to us (2019) as we try to understand each move He makes. But, when the path grows dim (COVID-19) and our questions have no answers (nasty elections, wars, fires, hurricanes, deaths), turn to Him….and bow the knee.

Bow the knee and trust the heart of your Father when the answers go beyond what you can see. Lift your eyes toward Heaven and believe the One who holds eternity….and, bow the knee.”

For those interested, the song “Bow the Knee” is a sure winner on you tube. Check it out…and happy 2021 everyone.

Mike Olson



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