A letter to Congressman Bergman


Dear Congressman Bergman:

Last week you affixed your signature to the frivolous Texas lawsuit which was rejected out-of-hand by the Supreme Court, as meritless and without legal standing.

While the suit was deemed baseless — a waste of the court’s time and taxpayers’ money, the words and actions of its supporters demonstrate that its true purpose was to undermine the incoming Biden-Harris Administration by attacking the legitimacy of their election.

Had these or other Republican-backed efforts over the weeks since the November elections been effective, they would have disenfranchised 20-some million Americans who legally cast our ballots via mail, overturning the outcome of the November elections.

In my opinion, you, Mr. Bergman and the other 126 US Representatives (and several State Attorneys General) who signed the suit are radical conspirators against the Constitution and the duly-elected government of the United States. Your actions may be understood to have been aimed at fomenting revolution.

In others words, you joined in an attempted coup.

By signing and publicly supporting this suit, I believe you betrayed your oath of office as a Congressman and your prior oath as a Marine.

Certainly you would agree those who have sworn an oath to “preserve, protect and defend,” the Constitution should not be held blameless when their words and actions lead to undermining its power and authority?

At the very least, you and your co-conspirators should be officially censured by Congress, if not impeached, tried, and stripped of your offices, privileges and powers.

Submitted with all sincerity and deep concern for our democracy in this time of peril, I am your constituent,

Dan Young



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