Faces and names go with the numbers


We would like to thank the families of Karl Norman Kell, John A. “Jack” Manning, John E. Girardi, and any other families that shared with the public through obituaries, that their loved one’s cause of death was due to COVID-19.

We feel it is very important that the public not only hear or read the daily reports on the number of deaths but see the faces and names that go with those numbers. It is one way to help the reality of the deadliness of this disease sink into the citizens of our communities. Too often we hear someone suggest that since they don’t know anyone that died from COVID-19, it must not be as serious as suggested. What a heartbreaking statement for the families of the hundreds of thousands who have died already.

We would like to suggest the possibility that families willing to share the information that COVID-19 was the cause of their loved one’s death, be acknowledged by the Daily Press. A weekly list of the names of those taken by COVID in our nearby communities would honor those who have passed and possibly open some eyes too long shut to this horrible situation.

Gloria and Rick Jones



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