COVID rules


If you listen to Joe Biden, or any “blue State” Governors; Whitmer, New York’s Cuomo, California’s Newsome, or if you are on social media sites, you hear a lot of the same worn out phrases. Example: “If we just followed the rules and masked up, then our COVID numbers would go down.” Four people I know, in the last 10 days have tested positive. Some even got sick. They were part of the “mask force.” They had the hand sanitizer, washed their hands, complained about people not wearing masks, etc. They got it. Which brings up the problem I have. All of these people complain that “nobody”is wearing their masks. Where? I am all over, my drivers are all over, I live with someone who works in retail. I don’t see anyone not wearing a mask. In order to get inside anywhere today, you have to wear a mask. Its been that way for months. I think it has just become a habit for some to use that line. If I say that I don’t believe masks work, I get attacked immediately for not following the rules. I always wear a mask. I don’t think I should have to, but I do wear them. All the time. The latest is the commercial with many different people saying to mask-up. We are.

If shut downs worked than why are we shut down again? If they don\’t work, then why are we doing it again? The CDC says the safest place for children is school. So why are we shutting them down?

The numbers started to spike in the U.P. when masks were required. It was also at the same time that three times as many tests were being administered.

So we continue to be bombarded by those who claim to see people not wearing masks, telling us its our fault, and complaing that we aren’t taking the virus seriously.

We are wearing masks. We are taking the virus seriously. It really isn’t our fault. Just like a common cold or flu is not our fault. Governor Whitmer didn’t shut down bars and restaurants because the flu was rampant. New York never shut down because of the fear of catching a cold. Those could both be deadly to the vulnerable. No closures or shutdowns back then.

Tom Grant



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