Unemployment and jobs


Two hours until the debate. This probably won’t be discussed, but who knows. The state of jobs and those who are unemployed should be.

I just saw a commercial/political ad saying that there are not enough jobs. There are some people who are not employable for any jobs. There are safety nets and programs for those. If there is someone who really wants a job, they can get one. It may not be a “$20 an hour with benefits job”, but it will be an honest day’s wage for someone wanting to work. Of course, right now, you make more by not working. When I was younger and more able, that would have been okay for a short time, but it gets old quick. If you work 30-40 hours a week at minimum wage, which hardly any company pays, you can make enough to live on. Every job I have had, I started at the bottom. I worked midnights pumping gas, and 2 1/2 years later, I was a manager. I drove taxi for $50 a week and three years later, I was manager. The secret: I had to work in some pretty bad circumstances for awhile. There wasn’t a $300- $400 a week check coming for the government.

There are a lot of companies and stores that are having a hard time finding employees. If you are tired of sitting on the couch, get up and do something about it!

Tom Grant



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