Time for a change in Lansing


Janice Dault wrote a letter I found distressing. She will vote for Mr. Trump because “he has done so many great things to save this country and she’s “disgusted” with the left who “kill our babies, give tax dollars to illegals and criminals, and would cement the loss of rights occurring during the pandemic.” Trump provided no national leadership in the pandemic he knew was deadly, but left states to come up with 50 separate solutions. Almost all are experiencing a third spike that is overwhelming hospitals and resources. This includes the U.P., where COVID-19 cases will soon surpass 5,000. Delta County now has the state’s highest infection rate. If uncontrolled, every citizen could become infected next year (www.covidactnow.org). Trump stokes division and turmoil, and calls for the “lock up” of Democrats, blaming liberals for everything. Even worse he claimed Governor Whitmer should be grateful to him (not the FBI) for foiling the plot to kidnap and perhaps murder her, and that she should “liberate” Michigan. Most state lawmakers strongly condemned the threat to Whitmer, but Beau LaFave claimed it was a left-wing plot and blamed Whitmer for “turning up the heat on the partisan divide in the state.” As if that supports any reasoning that she would have deserved what she got!

Another debunked LaFave opinion is “herd immunity” to deal with COVID-19. The fatal flaw in that view is that almost every U.S. citizen would have to get it and 2 million vulnerable people (elderly; those with chronic heart or lung disease, diabetes; obesity or poor access to adequate health care), would have to die for herd immunity to occur. He also claims Democratic “fearmongering” in the state ban on open firearm carry (do you have a concealed carry permit?) at polling locations on Election Day, and that banning firearms in polling places violates citizens’ Second Amendment and voting rights, and falsely contends ensuring safe and secure elections. Was that his motivation for openly carrying to Governor Whitmore’s State of the State address? Personally, I found this a macho and ignorant act of a weak man. And then, his weapons were stolen from his Lansing home. I wonder what criminal has them now.

Fortunately, we have a mature and competent candidate for state representative: Renee Richer – a mother, educator, scientist, small business owner and farmer. She has several times invited Mr. LaFave to debate the important issues our district faces, and to debunk his false claims that she wants to abolish gun rights and defund police. Richer’s positive platform includes better access to healthcare, ensuring innovative economic development in District 108, and improving education, mental health, and substance abuse services. She is a true Yooper whose values of hard work, integrity, and community will serve us well. She recognizes we are all Americans who have more in common than in disagreement, and that we must listen to and respect each other. Time to let a grownup represent us in Lansing.

Rita Wickham

Rapid River


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