Support for Moyle


I read the letter to the Editor on 10/6/20. I found it a little irritating as it seemed to play Mr. Moyle as an unprofessional and incompetant man. I would like to share that I have held various professional roles locally. As an advocate for many vulnerable people, Mr. Moyle has always been professional and gone beyond in order to help people who were struggling.

When working with homeless people, he offered classes to them. The classes were free of charge and allowed people who were feeling vulnerable to build their confidence and to be a part of a team. Mr. Moyle has worked with people with emotional regulation issues as a way to help them safely release those emotions and focus their anger. He has worked with people on maintaining their sobriety. Those efforts were witnessed to be helpful several times. My moyle has worked with victims of domestic violence to help them be more confident and be able to fight off attacks. Mr. Moyle has helped local veterans apply for their benefits. He has never asked for a thing in return for any of these efforts.

Over the years I have witnessed him be not only professional, but a good person. Reaching out a hand to local people in need. He has been there as a commissioner supporting our rights. He has been there as a man offering support to vulnerable people. None of which were publicized as it is only to help another human and not for any type of payment or recognition.

Mr. Moyle does not point out the flaws of people. He is much more concerned about doing what is right for those he represents and those who he supports. I am not saying that he is a perfect human. There is no such thing. Whether people are aware or not, he is always willing to help where he can. It is his ability and willingness to help another human that make him a great representative for the people in Delta County. That is what this Delta County needs more of. I do not live in Delta County. I work there and I own a home there. I have voted for him the last 10 years and if I was able, I would vote for him again. He is the voice that the people need representing them.

Nisha L. Tebear-Coolman



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