Support for McIntyre


I am writing to show my unwavering support for Rebecca McIntyre for Delta County commissioner, District 4. I recently served Delta County for over 8 years as both a county prosecutor and county administrator. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. McIntyre during that time and I can attest to her superior character and abilities.

I witnessed Ms. McIntyre advocate for victim focused services. She also played an important part of the public safety system ensuring that the community was safe when individuals were released from jail. I observed Ms. McIntyre demonstrate compassion and understanding on difficult but important social issues such as substance abuse treatment and mental health.

Every time I had the pleasure of working with Ms. McIntyre, she was exceptionally professional and always reliable. Ms. McIntyre looked for innovative was to solve problems and she was considerate to all. I can say without reservation, Ms. McIntyre will serve all individuals if elected to office and she will be a very great addition to the Delta County Board of Commissioners.

After working with the other candidate for District 4, I can assure you that Rebecca McIntyre is the right choice in this election. Delta County deserves leaders that are professional and focused on doing what is right. Delta County can achieve the next level of governmental excellence with a candidate like Rebecca McIntyre. As a homeowner in District 4 and former Delta County employee, I urge you to vote for Rebecca McIntyre on November 3, 2020.

Philip L Strom

Grand Rapids Mich.


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