Read what parties stand for before you vote


I’m not voting for Trump because of his personality, he’s not a smooth politician who says whatever it takes to win regardless of what they do next.

I’m voting for him because he has done so many great things to save this country. He may not always be politically correct but he’s been correct on many things to help the American people.

They have been slandering him since before the 2016 election which continues today, now they want to blame him for the coronavirus. Biden’s ads claim he can do better protecting us from the virus. How? By wearing a mask and staying in the basement? and now they’re claiming to pay off collage loans, increasing our incomes by using rich people money. Do you think rich people got rich by being stupid? They will be leaving the country like they are leaving the crazy states.

I’m so disgusted with the left, they don’t mind killing our babies, giving our tax dollars to illegals, criminals and dishonest politicians.

If Trump doesn’t win, we’ll all be losing our rights like we have during the pandemic. The criminals like they are doing in democratic cities now. I for one, do not want my tax dollars bailing out these cities because thy chose not to let them burn.

Read what the parties really stand for before you vote. I for one am voting for life and the freedom of the American people.

Janice Dault



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