November — crucial choice


The pundits call 2020 election pivotal, a biggie: A keeping of America’s greatness or a return to Democrat steps backward.

If you want the following, you know how to vote: Increasing favor with Iran and China; less military and veteran support; more Political Correct madness; an increase from 92-95% media liberal bias; an increase from 93-96% college administrative/faculty Left dominance; BLM rioting and terrorism; still minimizing the great pre-COVID economy and low unemployment; open borders and all its freebies; continual inner city failing public schools (run by Democrats); a distaste for America and our history; an even higher national debt; amnesty for over 11 million; more regulations and taxes; less Palestinian/Israeli peace; more Obamacare expenses; attacks on fossil fuels and jobs; denial of any ‘deep-state’ treachery; more stringent gun laws; attacks on religious and speech freedoms; defunding of police (It is said that a liberal is really a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet—and if you recall the panic when you couldn’t get toilet paper— wait until you dial 911 and can’t get a cop.); the constant attack on life.

Some voters talk about one-issue voting — life. About one million U.S. babies are killed annually. Christians, I implore you — when I meet my Creator and Judge face to face, I do not want it on my record that I supported a party or president who found killing justifiable. I know that many UP union members find abortion detestable also. In New York State, a child can be killed at birth, but cats are not allowed to be declawed. OMG!

Trump lies. Biden lies. The ads are so confusing. Biden’s health is iffy and Kamala Harris and her radical Leftists are ready and eager to pull Joe towards socialism. And, many Dems deny it; they fool no one.

One local young, “able-bodied” friend of mine told me that she had to vote for Biden because she did not want to lose her food stamps or her free Obama-phone. Some BLM folks, whom the Democrats love to curry favor with, are openly cheering the attacks that nearly killed two LA police officers. The NFL bosses have decided that our National Anthem is not sufficient, and sports venues nationwide are bowing to all types of caving in, not apparently even knowing the founding principles of BLM.

Ironically, recently a black Tennessee Titan player stood for our National Anthem and placed his hand over his heart. Yikes. And, a black sportswriter told his audience that we do not need a second national anthem. The PC bubble is leaking. Recently at the ACM Country Awards, Johnny Cash and “Old Glory” were honored. And, the Entertainer of the Year awards went to Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood. Both began their acceptance speeches thanking —- their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My, my, imagine that, Hollywood. A lot is at stake, America. Let’s stay great.

Mike Chief Olson



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