Michigan Supreme Court vote


Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch are voters’ top choice for the Michigan Supreme Court this November.

They believe courts must be independent, transparent and fair. Together, they bring a lifetime of service to people who otherwise would not have had a voice and believe me, they believe everyone deserves a voice.

They have put words into action.

Thanks to McCormack’s leadership, people in Michigan can resolve disputes in court without having to hire a lawyer or travel to the courtroom. She’s made Michigan a leader in using technology to improve court access, which is particularly important in a pandemic.

Welch has given people a voice in other ways. She led voter protection efforts for many years and served on a coalition to determine the true cost of educating a child in Michigan. McCormack and Welch are in the non-partisan section of the ballot.

Don’t give your ballot back until you’ve voted for Welch and McCormack.

Joseph Salbert

Theresa Nelson

Nancy Beck



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