Mask honesty


In March, facemasks were not required or, according to the CDC, recommended to stop the virus. I remember the statewide deaths “from” the virus were in the hundreds, daily. At first, there were no masks to be had. The urgent needs were ventilators. A couple of months later, every store has tons of masks. It’s a huge business. When masks became readily available, the mandatory masks everywhere became the norm. Which came first, the need, or the supply? And why? I have always been told to follow the money. Some of you will catch on to what I am insinuating.

Masks may or may not be effective. You believe what you want. The numbers of new “cases” in Delta County have spiked. Why? If you watch the Facebook feeds, it is because nobody is wearing masks. I challenge every one to tell me what you can do, in public, or where you can go and not have a mask on. All of the stores require it, yet there are several cases, I personally know, who have tested positive for COVID that are employed at the same places that require a facemask.

We have been under an Executive order requiring facemasks for some time now. If masks work so well, then why are the numbers spiking? As far as that goes, the spike in numbers is a whole different letter. How many of these new “cases” were positive tests and how many of those were actually sick?

Yes, corona virus is bad. Some people real close to me got sick. But they recovered. Nobody should get sick, but we all do. But is a paper-thin piece of fabric going to stop the spread of this virus? It hasn’t so far.

Tom Grant



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