Lack of common sense


I understand that we as a society have to be more cautious but with that being said you also have to practice common sense. My father-in-law passed away on Sunday and in order for us to let his wife of 74 years know we had to get permission from Bishop Noah home, so that they could go in and tell her. They would only let one of her children go in there for 30 minutes to let her know what was going on, her daughter was tested before she went in. That’s totally understandable. Now we’re trying to get her released for 20 minutes to a half hour before the funeral so that she can go say goodbye to her husband of 74 years. Bishop Noah home is refusing to let her out. It would be before anybody else shows up for the funeral. She’s not going to be in contact with anybody other than her son and daughter. Please repost this. let everybody know that there is no common sense being used here. This woman was married to her husband for 74 years and they’re not going to let her say goodbye to him.

Terri Makosky



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