Halloween — the way I see it


If anything can be learned from the past seven months, it is that we need less government “control.” The government does not solve problems, government IS the problem. We don’t need more control, we need less control. More freedom.

I anticipate that some day, real soon, we are going to get the press release from “someone in authority” that Halloween trick or treating has been cancelled. If nothing else, “they” will establish official times. Probably on Friday, the 30th. Why? I don’t know, but they celebrated the Fourth of July on the third.

If it actually happens, and the “official” trick or treating is canceled, I hope people will go ahead and have trick or treating. Oh no! “With the COVID numbers spiking, we should cancel.” Balderdash. Everyone can go to Walmart, Meijer, et., and climb all over each other. Schools are back. We can do trick or treating.

Tom Grant



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