Gun ban at polls


The Whitmer administration has involved itself in a form of voter suppression. Jocelyn Benson, secretary of state has unilaterally suspended our rights as citizens. She has declared “… open carry of guns on election day in, or close to any voting location – polling place, clerk’s offices and absent voter counting boards – is banned”. This is done she says “…to ensure fair, free and secure elections…necessary to ensure every voter is protected” – protected from whom and what? Is there a precedent from past elections? AG Nessel agrees and the Whitmer administration is once again seeking greater control over daily lives through restrictions based on denial of our constitutional (both Fed and State) rights.

If this generates voter intimidation by preventing our right to safety, who then assumes and provides the responsibility to protect legitimate and lawful citizens from such true intimidation from groups like Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers (remember the last Presidential election?) and the violently disruptive group ANTIFA? These groups can be counted on to disrupt the peaceful function of society, and now the Whitmer administration has effectively endorsed a greater danger – possible unchecked disruption by their presence and intent on voter suppression. Who presents the greater danger – violent, disruptive anti socialists or legally armed citizens? If this ban prevails, and someone inadvertently “violates” it by perhaps exposing a concealed firearm while reaching for required identification in a wallet or purse – creating “open” carry – will they be prevented from casting a ballot? Think this isn’t voter suppression?

We are most fortunate to live in the U.P. where the possibility of violence at the voting place is rare (unless introduced by outside forces). However, don’t forget the rest of this state dictates policy for us. If voter suppression occurs due to these unconstitutional edicts, it will be due to the actions of a Democrat administration in Michigan. Major Democrat candidates and incumbents throughout the U.S. have failed to denounce violent protesters and now current leaders in Lansing are opening the door to them through voter intimidation and suppression. And yet, as honest citizens we are required to follow these requirements.

Michael A. Glass



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