Expanding the meaning of pro-life


Many people vote for particular candidates because they are guided by their pro-life convictions and belief in the sanctity of life. We would like to suggest that the pro-life view be expanded to not only include the well-being of the preborn embryo but recognize the sanctity of all life, during all of its many phases; and to guard against those forces and powers that attempt to devalue the sanctity of life. Please consider:

ProLife means opposing inhumane immigration laws which separate family members resulting in more than 500 children not being able to reunite with their birth families;

ProLife means supporting minorities in their struggle to find justice, adequate health care, affordable schools and a living wage;

ProLife includes wearing a facemask and social distancing during this pandemic to protect others from COVID-19 and possible hospitalization and death;

ProLife includes advocating for a living wage for low income families who are unable to feed their children without relying on food pantries and/or public assistance;

ProLife means trying to rehabilitate offenders of the law and having compassion for those on ‘death row’;

ProLife means fighting to reverse the effects of climate change as forest fires, hurricanes and floods continue to increase and destroy lives and property;

ProLife means to advocate for clean air and water so we can all live healthier lives.

ProLife is to be understanding and compassionate toward others. It should guide us as we struggle to find the candidates that promote the sanctity of life in all of its many phases and to say “no” to the candidates that devalue life’s sanctity.

Unitarian Universalist Bay de Noc Fellowship

Kathy Creten, Sharon Fosmo, Pat Frueh, Bruce Hansen, Gus and Kris Olson, Bethann Pfiester, Denise Taylor, Pasqua Warstler


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