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As a county commissioner seeking to retain my seat, I have recently answered numerous questions regarding economic development in Delta County. Economic development in the U.P. is a constant battle that requires thinking outside the box. Developing opportunity on several fronts can range from offering tax breaks to corporations to locate here, to developing new ideas through existing resources.

The federal government is looking at placing a launch site near Marquette. With that opportunity we could be looking at 2,000 jobs. Seeking federal grants and partnering with Bay College to develop Bay as the nations leader in automated vehicle technologies could offer our young people the opportunity to stay right here with a good paying job.

The Navy will be spending 6.5 billion with Marinette Marine. Pair that with the launch site and we have the infrastructure in Delta County to be a distribution site for the U.S. military. Our deep water port as well as airport and available railways, put Delta Co in a unique position.

Additionally economic development can be addressed on a much smaller level right on Main Street. The internet offers the chance to sell to a global market. Locally made goods can be sold anywhere with the right marketing. So, making it easier for small business to get funds to buy and rehab buildings on any Main Street can serve many purposes. Our quality of life is a clear way to attract opportunity to Delta County as well.

While many liberal enclaves are defunding police, Delta County has erected a new jail, we back our blue 100%. The result is a safer community where people look out for each other. We are no longer letting felons out early due to overcrowding, that makes Delta County much more attractive for perspective takers.

Tourism is a lifeline to our area, drawing people in to various places and events in Delta County can be done in every season of the year. Making tourists want to come back because of the way they are treated is only a small piece of the puzzle. Protecting our natural resources and the beauty of Delta County is essential because we have more freshwater shoreline than any other county in the U.S. Our parks and campgrounds have become a destination bringing in much needed tourism dollars.

If you see price of real estate increasing in various parts of the Upper Peninsula, take pride in understanding that people are fleeing large cities like Minneapolis because of what’s going on there. The quality of life that we enjoy in many ways is because we get behind our police and we and value the things that made this country strong in the first place.

David Moyle



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