Confused about the confusion


In Saturday, Oct. 24 paper, the headline was regarding postal delays because of mail-in voting. Really? Anybody with half a brain knows that these stories are made up. Printed to cause anxiety among the voters. Not so long ago, everyone used the postal service t pay bills, write letters, etc. Everyone knew that you mail something and you give it enough time to travel to its destination. What’s the problem here?

If you are so afraid of going to vote in-person, then you plan on mailing your ballot in time for it to get to its destination. Some of you are afraid to get caught in that “COVID cloud” that will be lurking at your polling place. That “COVID cloud” is present at Walmart, Meijer, Elmer’s, SavMor, and just about anywhere else. Some are afraid that the mail-in votes won’t make it in time. Some states are talking about counting ballots nine days after the election day. I don’t understand that. I have received political mailers that only took one day.

Like everything else, whatever the media can hype, they will. I plan on voting the old-fashioned way, at the polls on Election Day.

Tom Grant



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