An open letter to David Rivard


Dear Mr. Rivard,

If re-elected, will you revisit the 2nd Amendment resolution which was recently passed or will you attempt to rescind it? It was very concerning to me that you and Commissioner Nelson would not simply re-affirm that portion of the oath that you took as a commissioner. It was confusing when you rejected this 2020 resolution, because you voted in favor of a similar re-affirmation in 2013. Are more gun controls on your agenda?

Also, Mr. Rivard, why did you (along with Mrs. Nelson) support Governor Whitmer’s broad, unconstitutional executive orders of shutdown for our state without any local input from county government? Why didn’t you support the resolution to request that the Governor listen to local government regarding how to handle COVID-19 related actions at the local levels?

Lastly, why did you say “no” to opening up the county campgrounds for which multiple safeguards had been put into place? People need to recreate and enjoy outside family exercise and experiences. This seems like one of the healthiest ways that families could spend time together. Why would you be against that?

Please answer these questions for voters at the next scheduled public meeting.

Kathie Scott

Bark River


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