A simple question


It is a simple question most people can easily answer. It is not a Republican, Democratic or Independent question. It is intrinsic to the Hispanic, White, Black and Native American population as the answer can mean life or death for some individuals in all of these groups. It is a question that Representative Beau LaFave has reaffirmed with his vote each and every time while representing us in Lansing. Beau believes in the value of each and every human life, his November opponent well?

His opponent, when asked her position on abortion, cited several studies that supported her position. The studies purported that the killing of the unborn actually limits the number of unborn killed, a rather interesting concept! The candidate graciously sent me the studies to read. Unfortunately, the studies would fall into the same category of “numbers don’t lie or are deceptive, only the person putting them together or supporting them”, in this case the studies cited were completed by such organizations as the Guttmacher Institute of New York, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, need I say more.

His opponent’s website and billboards note her support for “better jobs, better health care we can afford, opportunities for kids and clean drinking water education” all great ideas for those not aborted. It appears his opponent believes in the importance of many issues except, the value of each and every human life.

We need Representative Beau Lafave who believes in each of the above values as well as the value of each and everyone of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula citizens. We don’t need a liberal professor who teaches at a university in Wisconsin.

Keith Whitman



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