In defense of the USPS


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is so important to a functioning society that it was ensconced in the Constitution in 1789 (article 1, section 8). Like police and fire departments, it is a public good, which greatly enhances the well-being of society, especially those in rural areas. Much of our commerce takes place through the USPS including our Social Security checks, bill payment, professional and personal correspondence, absentee ballots and importantly medications. In fact, my insurance requires me to receive my medications by mail in order to receive full prescription insurance coverage.

The Universal Service Obligation ensures that, no matter where you are in the United States, you will receive postal service six days a week. Recent suggestions to reduce USPS services will hit rural areas, our district, the hardest with limited routes, fewer post offices and fewer delivery dates. The USPS is not funded by tax dollars. It is self-funding, but like many organizations and businesses, has been hard hit by the pandemic resulting in reduced income from advertising.

I ask you to contact your representatives and encourage them to support our USPS. Our federal representative (Bergman) recently voted against support for the USPS and our state representative (LaFave) likewise tweeted his lack of support for the USPS. As your state representative I would fully support the institutions and organizations that promote and support the success of rural economies and quality of life in all respects.

Renee Richer

Candidate for Michigan’s

108th State House


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