Get over it U.P. lawmakers


I was sent one of many forms- Be a part of Michigan Future.

The material that was in the 16 pages was very well put together, although there were a few got you questions — one was the (optional page 12-13) Why do you want to – How you affiliate with – 500 word each.

Now if you put down #1 that will be enough to get you thrown out by the 20 strikes given the politicians.

I don’t know how the politicians got their fingers in the redistricting process, but they must be stopped in the future and no 200 semi-finalist drawing the first 13 is it. Daily Press Aug 20-2020 5A-U.P. Lawmakers object to Redistricting Picks? Statistical weighting method is not a pick, Beau LaFave, Greg Markkanen, Ed McBroom.

The politicians comments – Paragraph three – But we fail to see how taking away representation and accountability from residents in the Upper Peninsula is fair.

Paragraph two – In the past the Michigan Legislature has over seen the redistricting process. Yes and in doing so ensuring like minded people of their party affiliation doing the redistricting history show’s not all people of Michigan were represented. That’s why the Michigan voters stop that kind of bad behavior for all parties. I woud not have any problem if all 13 were from Detroit. Trust people of Michigan – yes. Politicians – not.

Bob Zimm



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