We need the Great Lakes tunnel


Making a living in Michigan these days isn’t always easy. Without access to Line 5, keeping worksites open would get a lot harder. That’s why we need to build the Great Lakes Tunnel and keep Line 5 in good working order. We need the energy from Line 5 to heat our homes and businesses. That fuel is also used to create thousands of products, including products that my business uses every single day. And I know there are a lot of other businesses across the state that depend on those products too.

I don’t understand why some in Lansing would want to shut down the pipeline when so many Michigan workers and union members like me need it to survive. Especially since the Legislature already approved the construction of the tunnel in 2018. It wasn’t a partisan vote, either. Republicans and Democrats back the tunnel and even passed a bipartisan resolution this summer renewing their support.

Right now, we need to be working together to protect Line 5 and build the Great Lakes tunnel. There is no real back up plan. We need the Great Lakes tunnel.

Tony Alessandrini

Iron Mountain


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